Miki and Griff

A photo of me with Pete Huggett at the NME Poll Winners Concert held at the Empire Pool Wembley, 5th March 1961 standing by Pete's MG car. That coat was really fashionable in those days. Honest!

A begging letter from Lonnie.

Les Bennetts, Nick Nicholls and Peter Huggett

Pete Appleby, Peter Huggett and Les Bennetts.

Lonnie gets a little controversial.

The "Mule Skinner Blues" album was originally going to b called "The Rock Island Line Rolls On" and was originally due for release in July 1996 on the Carlton label. Because of my personal interest I contacted Carlton and they sent me a demo cassette of the album along with a press release.  There were originally sixteen tracks on the album but when the CD was finally released in 2000 two tracks "Across the Bay" and "You're Already Gone" had been removed. The delay was caused by massive changes in policy at Carlton along with staff cuts which meant that Lonnie was looking for a new outlet which eventually, thanks to Donal Gallagher, was BMG. 

Lonnie with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr at Eric Clapton's wedding.

Lonnie with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and who? at Eric Clapton's wedding.