I became a fully paid up member (No. 2198) of "The Lonnie Donegan Fan Club" in 1957. To be a member cost five shillings (25p) a year and on joining I received a membership card, a blue guitar shaped badge with LD inscribed in gold plus the latest 12 page magazine, published three times a year. The first magazine I received was Volume 1 Number three in October 1957 so I had missed the first two. I stayed a member until the end of 1961 and managed to collect thirteen editions of the magazine. It was always a big event for me when the brown envelope landed on the mat and I would tear it open and spend the day reading every word and examining every detail of the photos. Towards the end, the magazines sometimes repeated photos previously used saying things like, I've had a request show the photo of Lonnie's band again. This was quite annoying because I kept every magazine in immaculate condition and imagined every other true fan would do the same, so there was no need to repeat anything. 

Every issue would have the lyrics and chords to one of Lonnie's songs and often the chords would be wrong or the song in a different key to Lonnie's, and I think Frankie and Johnny in Volume 2 No.3 is using Chinese chords.

So here they are the thirteen Club Magazines I have religously kept in my "Lonnie Box" for over fifty years.


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