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Paul Griggs. 70 and still strumming

Angela Challis (Treacy)  Joan Pavey (Hawkes)

Martin Figg

l to r  Don Gardiner, Jaqueline Simms (Smith), Angela Challis (Treacy), Martin Figg, Susan Rogers (Prescott), Peter Kerrison. At Martin Figg's 60th Birthday

Alan Coulson

Colin Ellis

Tim Williams (Far Right)

The late Don Mackean (Biology & Chemistry) & Brian Winter
Photo taken 2010

Jacqueline Simms (Smith)

Barrie Taylor


Don Gardiner

Peter Kerrison

Phil Stevens

Brian Greener

Back Row l to r Martin Figg, Peter Kerrison, Phil Stevens, Don Gardiner, Colin Ellis, Brian Greener.

Front Row l to r Joan Pavey (Hawkes), Angela Challis (Treacy), Jacky Simms (Smith), Christine Reeves.

Christine Reeves (Henson), Jacky Simms (Smith)

Brian Greener

Hugh Croydon (English & Drama)

Gillian While (Gunnell)

Margaret Mandall (Yeomans)

Alan Sann

l to r Joan Pavey (Hawkes).  Gillian While (Gunnell).  Margaret Mandall (Yeomans). 
Kay Drury (Lewey).  Janet Litchfield (Hamilton).  Jacky Simms (Smith).  Joan Wren (Lewry)

l to r Janet Litchfield (Hamilton).  Jacky Simms (Smith).  Angela Challis (Treacy).  Joan Wren (Lewry).   Joan Pavey (Hawkes).  Gillian While (Gunnell).  Margaret Mandall (Yeomans). 
Kay Drury (Lewey).  

Robert Layton

Roger Fisher (Far Right)
With family l to r  Wife Lynne. Son Chris. Daughter Nikki. Son in law Peter.

  Joan Pavey (Hawkes) and Husband Dan 

Paul Griggs and Family
l to r Daughter Vicki, Wife Lynne, Son Wayne and Paul.

  Rina Blackman (Bayly) 2nd from left at her son's wedding

Class of 56

l to r   Angela Challis (Treacy), Vicky Deville (MacPherson), Christine Allen (Hampton), Joan Pavey (Hawkes),  Joan Wren (Lewry).  December 2011

Hazel Hammond

Jack Duffy (class of 57) and Roger Potter meet up in Connecticut, New England, U.S.A. in 2013. Two old St. Andrews boys raising a bottle to the late Don Mackean. 

Paul Griggs performs with Chas n' Dave 2013.