The Start of it all. The Griggs Brothers first ever public performance.
De Havillands Childrens Christmas Party January 1958. 4.15pm.
l to r. Nigel Griggs, Paul Griggs, Colin Hurst (School friend)
We performed three Lonnie Donegan songs and performed two shows on three separate days. Our fee was three pounds between us We were professional. I was 13 years old and Nigel 8.
All of the instruments including my guitar, were made by my father.

Performing at Hatfield Odeon in 1961 singing all Lonnie Donegan songs apart from one. About to be shown was Cliff Richard's film "The Young Ones" and I was aked to sing the title song, which I did under protest. On my left is standing Bill (Skip) Salmon leader of The Breaks Youth Centre in Hatfield.
An interesting feature is the interior of Hatfield Odeon.

Another appearance at Hatfield Odeon this time singing Lonnie Donegan songs to the kids at Saturday Morning Pictures.
Whether they liked it or not.