Thank you Jacky for all the emails, encouragement and plans several months ago; Gill W (Gunnell) for all the arrangements you made at The White Horse; thank you to all of you who travelled miles, especially wonderful to have Rina with us (and thank you for your generous surprise of gifts for us from Peru).  Thank you too, to 2 husbands and one wife, who came along and joined in and who kindly took some group photos!  Fifty six years have passed since we met in Heronswood in 1956!  Some of us have met up on several occasions during the past few years, but we know the initial meeting felt a little daunting!  I know some of you felt like that yesterday, but within minutes you seemed to be chatting as though “the years had rolled away”!  I hope 2 husbands and one wife didn’t find us too difficult to “put up with”!  Brian suggested we meet up in another 20 years, but apologies to Brian - that may be a bit late for some of us – we need to meet again before then!!  I might still be around in 20 years’ time, but not sure I will fancy the drive down the M25 - goodness knows how congested it will be by then!

Some of you in the 6th form will have known Mr Croydon who taught English and was loved by many as a wonderful teacher.  Mr Croydon died last week on Sunday 24th June.  Brian, who some of you may not know, went on to teach PE at “our school” and, of course, also knew Mr Croydon as a colleague, gave a short speech in his memory.

Best wishes to you all and thank you to everyone for a happy day with lots of wonderful memories.