Recent Photos

Tony Pearson

Marjorie Lawler (Davidson)

Cherry Foward (Briggs)

Anthony Dollimore

Class of 57

Pam White & John Northcott
Now Mr. & Mrs. Northcott & living in Canada.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Cumming.
Now living in Wellingborough.

Jack Duffy and Roger Potter (Class 0f 1956) meet up in Connecticut, New England, U.S.A. in 2013. Two old St. Andrews boys raising a bottle to the late Don Mackean. 

Enid Cook (Tarbox) now living in Hay on Wye.
Two children two step children.

Doug Powell with his wife Jean

Carol Robertson (Evans) with husband Idris.

Pam Wakelin

Helen Deverell (Jacobsen)
Now living in Norway

     Mr. & Mrs. Brian Plowman & their 3 daughters.

Back Row Maureen Woodham (Plowman) Classof 57
                            and Brian Plowman