The first edition of the fan club magazine I received. As it was Vol 1 No. 3 I had missed two and altogether I have 13 editions the last being Vol 5 No 3 Winter 1961. This means there were at least fifteen.

A page from the same fan club magazine which features Jimmy Currie playing a Grimshaw SS deluxe guitar. Joe Brown had one as did Pete Townsend and I wanted one until I saw the Gibson 175

Programme and ticket from Robinson Crusoe at the Finsbury Park Empire. The ticket price had gone up by 3/3d since I first saw Lonnie in 1958. They had serious inflation in those days as well.

Invitation to a club meeting, unfortunately I couldn't go.
Postmark on envelope 26/9/1958

Mel got Lonnie to sign these lyrics for me when he visited him in Spain.

The cover of a book on Skiffle for which Lonnie wrote the forward.

A fan club news letter showing some of Lonnie's dates for 1958